ROBINSON R44 PICNIC OR LUNCH FOR 2 – Johannesburg/Pretoria


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Robinson R44 Picnic or Lunch for 2


Robinson R44 Picnic for 2

Romantic Picnic Flight

Romantic, Thrilling, Adventurous Helicopter Experience!

Climb aboard the Robinson R44 helicopter, for the thrill of your Life!  Experience the thrill of hovering and an unforgettable romantic flight and picnic or lunch just minutes away from Johannesburg in a beautiful mountainous setting.  Nothing else comes close to the magic of vertical flight! The unique feeling of lifting vertically, is an experience of a lifetime which you may never forget!  Take your seat as the pilot climbs gracefully into blue skies.  Then swooping over landscapes, and a while later settling gently back to earth for your romantic picnic / lunch.  A memory of a special day which will last a lifetime!

Note: All flights must be booked at least one week in advance.

Various restaurant destinations around Gauteng to choose from

The flight package includes:

  • +/- 20 min flying time for 2 persons in the Robinson R44
  • Duration of lpicnic +-1 1/2 hour (cost not included)
  • Depart from and Return to Krugersdorp Airport
  • Available all year round, weather permitting
  • Operating times: Sat & Sun 08h00-17h00, weekdays 09h00-17h00
  • Flight cost for for 2 persons
  • Lunch or picnic cost not covered in flight cost above

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