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Get the support you need and transform your body!

It doesn’t matter where you are or who you are, mommy, pregnant  women, or a stay at home mom this program is for you!

We offer Indoors and Outdoors Training.

Online Assessment.

Great Communication Options, WhatsApp, Phone Calls and Emails.


This is the only way to be healthy and in shape!!

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Why I want to help YOU!
I believe in the individual. I see the person you forgot exists. I believe that you can be anything you want to be within your own capabilities. You must only be ready to change your way of thinking, the way you view yourself and start to see the true potential that is hidden.
I help you assess your current lifestyle and find a solution to change it into a more active and healthy lifestyle. I will help you to set achievable goals and to reach them with success. Become ready to be a legend in your own right. Ask yourself: “Who am I?” “Why was I created?” Then realise that you are unique. Your life has a unique purpose.
I will help you discover and unlock the potential of the unique person hiding in the body you see every day.

I have 25 years of experience in the personal training field, including refined tips and secrets on correct training as well as nutritional advice.

What I can offer you
• Fitness Training and Consulting
I incorporate cardio and strength training as well as high intensity interval training (HIIT), no matter your current fitness level or experience. From the serious bodybuilder and competitor who wants coaching for stage to the average person aiming to become a bodybuilder and or competitor.
• Body Conditioning
I specialise in body transformations. I will keep track of your fitness and body transformation by making use of screening, calliper testing (Body Fat%) and measurements.
• Active Nutrition

Meal plans, nutritional guidance and tracking.
• Pre- and Post-Natal Training
The pregnant individual who wants to stay fit during pregnancy as well as the individual who wants to regain her firm and toned physique back after giving birth.
• Special Needs Training
The individual with special needs who need a little more personal attention.

Online Options
• Option 1: 6 Week Training Program & Meal Plan
• Option 2: 12 Week Training Program & Meal Plan
Inclusive of 1 Alteration after 6 weeks depending on results achieved.

Terms and Conditions

We only offer online Personal Training and meal plans

Communication will be made within 48 hours after voucher purchases



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