MORINGA CAPSULES (120 capsules)

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Our 120 capsule bottle is a one month supply for one adult



“Our moringa capsules contain pure moringa leaf powder. An amazing superfood loaded with nutrients and antioxidants.

Known as one of nature’s most useful plants, a moringa tree provides healthy proteins to enhance your diet and provide an energizing boost for your overall well-being.

Our moringa capsules are made from pure, organic moringa powder and contain no additives. They provide the perfect supplement for the health conscious people. Moringa Capsules are alternative to the synthetic supplements. We use only the moringa leaves, thought to be the most nutrient packed part of the plant. The leaves are carefully grind and processed, leaving a completely vegetarian, power packed and pure supplement to boost your health regime.

Adding moringa capsules to your day is easy, and the benefits are amazing. We suggest four pills daily, taken with your regular meals. Simply take two capsules in the morning with breakfast and two more in the evening with dinner. Our 120 capsule bottle is a one month supply for one adult.


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